As summer 2016 hits full swing, many of our favorite heavy metal artists flock to Europe for the festival circuit. Fortunately for San Diego, there are still plenty of local concerts and showcases worth attending. This feature is by no means comprehensive but rather to highlight some of the great shows coming up:



Cool Blue Comic Con is coming to the Brick By Brick on July 24 and will feature a local art showcase in addition to live music from four Southern California metal bands. Ashen Earth has been proudly waving the death metal flag in San Diego, and their brand of brutality should be an excellent addition to the evening. Voices of Ruin is a five-piece melodeath band from Costa Mesa. With their vivid stage presence, VoR is sure to deliver punishing tunes in the vein of European melodic metal. Rattblack is a new band featuring both established musicians and athletes. To my knowledge they’ve only played the Brick once before, so check out their set for a healthy dose of skate thrash. Speaking of thrash, Christ Killer will also be performing their satire-charged, fast-paced crossover to kick off the night’s live performances. Local artists include: David Correa (@dvdmcra), Paul Vargas (@stencilface), Chase Waggoner (@chasecows), Heather Yancey (@rat_salad), and many more to be announced. So whether you detest Comic Con or you attended to wait five hours to meet the cast of Daredevil, Brick By Brick and Pabst Blue Ribbon have your Sunday night festivities covered.


7-30-2016 Flyer

Grim and frostbitten black metal can be a tricky game in sunny San Diego. But for when you don’t want to worry about the quality of said metal in a local setting, look no further than Santee’s Second Wind Bar on July 30. Sergulath is a dynamic quartet with vivacious arrangements that also features two members of former but beloved Damcyan. Empyrean Throne is a blackened quintet from Lake Forest, CA. The band has recently been gaining a great deal of attention in So Cal and brings a heavy symphonic element to the table. Sicarius is quite possibly one of the most engaging new acts to burst onto the scene. Emerging from the dry Inland Empire, Sicarius’ wall of sound will grab a ferocious hold on audience members. Morphesia is the one-man brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Zombie. The band combines dissonant chords and heavy satanic imagery to create black metal that’s true-to-form. If spiked gauntlets and chaos are right up your alley, then this Santee show is for you.


Ruines-Choas-EP Release flyer

Longtime staples of the San Diego Metal Scene, Ruines ov Abaddon, have announced August 20 as the date for their EP Release Show at the Merrow. With an almost ten year residence in San Diego, the songs from the new EP as well as tracks from older releases should make for a blistering set. Little can be said about Mortar solely because there’s not much to go off of. But their easy-rock sound might be a refreshing change of pace for the night. Mythraeum have shown lots of dedication promoting their own shows so they’ve been long due for some promotion here on SDMETAL. Appearing on opening slots for bills such as Taake and Venom Inc., the ensemble should have much in store for concertgoers. Deep Sea Thunder Beast certainly garners props for their awesome band name. However, the power trio’s sludgy sludge mixed with sludge speaks for itself.

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