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sepulchral temple - band 2

Sepulchral Temple is a beautifully crafted force of enchantment and brutality. The self-titled EP is riveting and masterful; it marries the mystical aura of Candlemass, the spectral wonder of Mayhem, and the savagery of Immolation to pave the way for a mesmerizing musical journey into the minds of these Finnish artists.

The creeping intro riff of “Salvific Dance” that transitions into an ethereal guitar melody sounds like a crossover of Hans Zimmer and Candlemass. Slowly the song sinks into deeper and darker territory, and you can start hearing the hints of Immolation a-la “Close to a World Below” without ever having lost the beauty with which the song began. The two outros of the song are distinguished as songs, which I find fascinating because you don’t see them coming. They weave in and out of your musical experience like a finely crafted classical movement. The self-titled track breaks the slow pacing with a Skeletonwitch-like riff, leading into an explosive, alternating flurry of blast beats and breakdowns that will sweep you off your feet.

Although I definitely referenced many artists in association with Sepulchral Temple’s compositional choices, the band does not ride the coattails of these artists. Sepulchral Temple successfully manipulates the essences of their predecessors and molds them into some incredibly thoughtful and original pieces. Their EP is absolutely worth your time no matter what genre of metal might be your favorite because you will be fully engaged by the melodic landscape that the band paints right before your ears.


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