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Sylosis is an interesting band to say the least. While they certainly have their own style, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what to call it. Their latest album Dormant Heart is a dynamic blend between metalcore, thrash, and progressive music, which seems fitting considering the variety of bands Sylosis plays and tours with.

Dormant Heart opens with “Where Wolves Come to Die,” a creeping, looming goliath of an intro followed by the catchy “Victims and Prawns.” Vocalist Josh Middleton commands some serious might behind his yells, while drummer Rob Callard does an excellent job of keeping his fills fresh and his rolls ultra clean. Chris Parnell’s rich bass tone boosts the atmosphere in Dormant Heart to an intense level while guitarist Alex Bailey keeps the riffing dynamic.

The record sounds solid up until “Indoctrinated,” when Sylosis shines. The juxtaposition of a soft, clean intro followed by a blistering fast thrash riff make for a crushing combo. Here the band not only shows their proficiency in speed but technicality on top of such fast playing. “Harm” boasts some catchy Gojira-esque hooks while “Mercy” and “Callous Souls” flaunt some tight musicianship.

Ultimately, Dormant Heart provides an engaging listening experience well in part due to their eccentric synthesis of various metals.

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