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The defenders of metals from the frozen north descended upon San Diego in support of their new album, Jomsviking.  Amon Amarth is currently touring and made their stop at the House of Blues San Diego with fellow Swedish metal band, Entombed A.D. and Los Angeles melodic thrash band, Exmortus.  With this show being the first of the U.S. tour dates, all the bands were energized and excited to be on the stage for a sold out show.

Exmortus opened the show and from the first note, the crowd and the band were into the performance.  Exmortus knows how to keep a crowd entertained and started the show with a bang.  The band shredded through some of the classics and newer classics like “Death to Tyrants” and “For The Horde”.  For those who were not already impressed, one of the coolest parts of their performance was them doing a metal rendition of “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven.  Exmortus absolutely crushes every show they perform at and have the hunger and passion to gives the crowd an unforgettable performance.

After a fantastic performance from Exmortus, the momentum kept accelerating as Entombed A.D. took the stage.  Entombed has been a musical presence since  1987, but in 2014, the band had some line-up changes and changed the name to Entombed A.D.  With their long legacy as a band, I was extremely excited to see what the band had to offer.  Entombed A.D. did not disappoint in the slightest.  Entombed A.D. performed at their best and touched on their music from all ages of the band.  The energy and groove created between the members created an infectious wave that led to a giant circle pit and lots of head banging across the crowd.  Entombed A.D. was another great fit for the bill and was a chance to gain new fans as well as entertaining their older followers.

At the end of two great sets, a giant Viking helmet was set up on stage and the crowd knew it was time for the main act.  With a legacy spanning over 20 years,  Amon Amarth has submitted themselves as a staple in the melodic death metal scene and this show was no exception to that rule.  Amon Amarth played a set opening up with “The Pursuit of Vikings” immediately setting the energy at a high point in the venue.  The band was in top form and added more energy to their already fantastic songs.  With the band performing for 90-minutes, they kept the energy at a high point and the crowd was completely enthralled from beginning to end.

Amon Amarth proved once again they are a powerful musical force and with a great stacked bill, the night was rounded out in a perfect manner.  All the bands were fantastic and provided a unique experience for the people in attendance.

Special thanks to Metal Blade Records for letting us cover this event and special thanks to the staff at the House of Blues for letting us cover the event and protecting the photographers from crowd surfers.

To check out some photos from the event, I posted some photo I took at the event below. Please enjoy!

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