Total Destruction of the Human Form is the sixth and latest addition to the Blood Freak catalog. This death/grind outfit hails from Portland, Oregon and—as you can glean from the cover—has a penchant for splatter and carnage. First off, Total Destruction’s intro track features grisly clanking and odd sounds, contrary to the overdone whooshing commonly found on metal intros. Since you won’t get much of a break at any other point in the album, this is the album’s way of saying “strap in.”

What this record does best is cramming speed and disgusting riffs into pieces that average 2 ½ minutes. “The Night of Unholy Desecrations” and “Abattoir of Depravity” are complex pieces that flaunt Blood Freak’s capacity to squeeze riffs on riffs without making the songs convoluted. Furthermore, “Drowning In Sewage,” “Cartilage,” and “Gnawgasms” provide some well-needed tempo contrast to the blast-ridden chaos of Total Destruction.

Unfortunately, the album can get repetitive with similar sounding tunes. However there are two major high points on this record that need to be discussed: “Melted and Splattered” along with title track “Total Destruction of the Human Form.” The former is an impressive ear-catcher complete with fuzz-bass intro, catchy guitar hook, lyrics about tissue and torsos, and perhaps the drummer’s best use of the ride cymbal. The latter dives right into the sort of filthy Repulsion worship worth naming an album after.

Total Destruction of the Human Form is the type of album you blare while throwing bodies into a meat grinder. It’s a strong contribution to this year’s growing list of fierce releases and should be on the radars of both casual and passionate gore supporters.

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