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Album Review: Nukem – Unholy Trinity

Last week I got the chance to listen to new upcoming album "Unholy Trinity" from San Diego metal band "Nukem". If this is the first time you hear this name,  you are probably living under a rock. Nukem was form... Read More...

Album Review: Huntress – Static

On September 25th, Huntress will be releasing their latest offering "Static". Following the success of Starbound Beast, Static brings back everything you love about Huntress, and a bit more. Amazonian, breathta... Read More...

Album Review: Naive – Altra

“Three persons. Three tormented souls. Three happy souls. Three desperate souls. Violence and combat, contemplation and sadness, junction between the ocean and the sky. Mox, Drums and electro, Jouch, Guitar, Vo... Read More...

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