“Today we reveal the cover art and track titles for our forthcoming album.
CONDEMNED’s 3rd full-length,“HIS DIVINE SHADOW” will be officially released worldwide on March 10th through Unique Leader Records. Artwork duties have been handled once again by the inimitable Pär Olofsson, with the album’s title font by legendary logo master Christophe Szpajdel.
A slab of dark, foreboding, blistering brutality that brings together the older and newer eras of CONDEMNED in a lethal combination.
Shortly we will release a brand new song and begin pre-orders. Stay tuned!”


“His Divine Shadow”
3.Omniscient Perturbations
5.Ascending the Spectral Throne
6.Nefarious Sanguine Decree
7.His Divine Shadow
8.Pestilential Reign
9.The Hive Ablaze
10.World-Reaving Terror