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Cowgirls From Hell

Paying homage to the almighty Pantera, the Cowgirls from Hell deliver an in-your-face metal attack that is true to the legacy of the greatest heavy metal band of all time! Fans want to unleash a vulgar
display of power in the pit when they hear Pantera’s heavy metal anthems rendered with blistering precision by these four California female musicians. Powerful, and far beyond driven, these women
leave audiences in shock with their ability to recreate one of the most dominating music in metal history. From shredding Dimebag solos, to crushing the rhythms of Vinnie Paul & Rex Brown, to harnessing
the unbridled power and stage antics of Phil Anselmo, the Cowgirls from Hell deliver a live show so convincing that fans go crazy when they hear it! Headed for world domination, Cowgirls from Hell will soon be in a town near you. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!