Over 25 years as a band has done little to quell DARK FUNERAL guitarist and founding member Lord Ahriman‘s desire to create some of the most extreme black metal possible. Known for its unrelenting style of black metal that is largely predicated on blast beats and warp-speed tremolo picking, DARK FUNERAL has established itself as one of the most enduring black metal bands to emerge from Sweden alongside MARDUK. Now beyond the 25-year mark, Ahriman says DARK FUNERAL is even less interested in past accomplishments.

“For me, I always try to just push forward,” he told Infernal TV ‘s Stephanie Jensen (video below). “I never look back. I’m just looking straight ahead. I guess as long as I’m not super-satisfied with where we are, I’m just going to keep on pushing and trying to do things bigger, better, more epic, more evil. No, we’re just going to continue. I’ll try to do things better.”

The band’s most recent studio album, “Where Shadows Forever Reign”, was released in 2016. A heavy touring workload has prevented Ahriman and the band from writing and recording its follow-up, but it appears that will be DARK FUNERAL‘s focus for 2020.

“I’ve started writing a little bit,” he said. “But our plan was to actually write now, but then this tour came up and a lot of other tours, and I’ve been busy with all the pre-production and planning. The time I had planned for writing just disappeared into boring office business. But next year we’re going to take it down with the touring and focus on a new record. But I have some pretty cool ideas already.”

DARK FUNERAL is currently participating in the “Devastation On The Nation” North American tour with BELPHEGOR, INCANTATION, HATE, VALE OF PNATH and NIGHTMARER.

Source: Blabbermouth

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