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July 1st was a night filled with Southern California death metal as Brick By Brick hosted a special event headlined by the San Diego death metal band, Disgorge.   To round out the evening, there was also sets performed by Stages of Decomposition, Lurid Memory, and Paroxysmal Butchering.  The whole evening for me was new and different since I went to this show without prior knowledge of these bands (except for Paroxysmal Butchering since I saw them last year at Jumping Turtle).

To begin the evening, Stages of Decomposition was the first to perform.  Stages of Decomposition is a 3 piece death metal out of Los Angeles.  Stages of Decomposition was definitely a pleasant surprise as being the opener.  The band was entertaining to watch and had a solid sense of rhythm.  The lost art of the pig squeal made its way into the vocalist’s repertoire and provided for a more dynamic range of screams.   The drummer of this band stood out, especially since he was able to play blast beats and also contributed vocals to the songs.  The band even showed off their sense of humor throughout the set making jokes with the audience and before one of the groove sections, the drummer burst out in a Jamaican accent stating “it’s time to slam, mon!”.  Overall, they started the night off on a great footing.

The second band of the night was Lurid Memory from San Diego.  Lurid Memory has been very active in the San Diego scene and this was one of the last shows they will be playing this year.  Lurid Memory provided a different variety of death metal during the show but was a fantastic band to keep the show running.  They incorporated some heavy riffs and blistering fast blast beats, while also incorporating some progressive elements and classical licks.  The musicianship is this band was phenomenal and gave the audience a brief look into what this band could do.

After two great openers, the crowd witnessed the return of Paroxysmal Butchering.  Paroxysmal Butchering rarely makes appearances, but when they do, it is something to behold.  The band was solid and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted with brutal riffs, thundering blast beats, and heavy, guttural vocals.  With a large time slot to play, the band was able to blaze through a big part of their catalog in a matter of minutes.  It is like the saying goes, “miss the first 30 minutes of a death metal show and you will miss the first two bands”.  Paroxysmal Butchering was a good example of that quote in action and astonished the crowd in attendance.

To close out, Disgorge finally took the stage.  For me going in as a newcomer, I found it difficult and hard to follow their set.  As soon as I can follow one groove, they immediately switch to a completely different time signature.  The vocalist had his own time signature compared to everything else around him.  For the fans in attendance, Disgorge satisfied and crushed their set.  The raw energy the band displayed could be felt in the room and gave their songs more life with an active crowd.  While Disgorge did not do much for me, the fans in the room went enthralled by their performance.

Overall, the night was a fantastic showcase of Californian death metal and provided a great show for the fans of the genre.

Special thanks to Brick by Brick for letting us cover this event!  Photos I took at the event are posted below for your viewing pleasure.


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