The non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities) will be offering their world renowned exciting, drumming program for free via skype, in an effort to help parents entertain their children and families during quarantine for the Corona Virus.

Parents, children, and family members alike, will be able to partake in fun, hand drumming exercises and games that can be done right at home on a table or desk top!! The on line skype drumming program is led by Celebrated Drum Therapy pioneer / D.A.D. Program Founder-CEO Pat Gesualdo. Gesualdo takes the program participants on an entertaining of drumming skills and activities, which can be done on an individual or group basis. The program is a great way to beat stress, anxiety, and helps to bring the whole family together.

“The participants in our program throughout the world have always had fun developing their physical and cognitive abilities,” says D.A.D. Program Founder/CEO Pat Gesualdo. “Our groundbreaking curriculum is a great way to beat stress, anxiety, and to help us all to live happier, healthier lives.”

D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and New Jersey Education Commissioner helped Gesualdo launch his pioneering Drum Therapy techniques and D.A.D. Program, in the New York and New Jersey communities in 2004. D.A.D. is now used by school systems, doctors, teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavioral therapists, law enforcement agencies, community centers, and health facilities in over 15 countries.

To schedule a free on-line Drum Therapy session for your child or family, please contact D.A.D. World Headquarters at


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