Watain frontman & lyricist Erik Danielsson has been at the helm of some wicked work. In addition to vocals and bass tracks for the band, Danielsson also distributes his acute artwork through Graphic Noise: a gallery that features the likes of Chris Moyen and Wes Benscoter (among other aesthetic masterminds). Needless to say, there was plenty of material to get to! We began by speaking about Watain’s explosive video for “Nuclear Alchemy,” then discuss the Casus Luciferi album touring as well as Watain’s venue mix-up in San Diego. Unfortunately, the audio quality for the first 3 ½ minutes of the file suffers. Nevertheless, here’s SDMETAL’s first interview with Mr. Danielsson:


Trident Wolf Eclipse is available 5 January 2018 on Century Media Records.

View the art of Erik Danielsson on Graphic Noise

Photo by Ester Segarra