2017 started off properly with a bill that featured Entombed A.D., Turbid North, Full Of Hell, and Poison Headache at San Diego’s Brick By Brick. The Monday night festivities drew a decent crowd, and the eclectic lineup added to the audience’s diversity. Local trio Poison Headache were the first to play and promptly cranked out fast riffs accompanied by dynamic drum fills. “Rot With Me” and “Death’s Design” were prime choices for the setlist and Poison Headache played them with vigor.

      Turbid North unfortunately left much to be desired. Their studio cuts (particularly on “Eyes Alive”) are intriguing, but didn’t translate well in a live setting. The three-piece possessed a good amount of onstage enthusiasm but their musicality didn’t seem to leave a strong impact. Turbid North shines in their clean breaks however—passages which garner an almost Pink Floyd-esque ambience. Their groove-heavy segments came off as too drawn-out and contributed to my disapproval, but Turbid North left me hoping for more.

      Noise-fiends Full Of Hell rocked the shit out of their performance. Their set was the first back at the Brick since last year’s 1349 show and boy have they improved. The quartet more than earned their slot as direct support for Entombed A.D. with their impossibly chaotic brand of sound. The axemen were too stationary for the cacophony being crunched through their amps; however both the drummer and vocalist brought a fierce presence with them. Full Of Hell, presumably named after a song from the headliner, commanded a pummeling assault of audio turbulence that can only result from the minds of madness.

      Closing act Entombed A.D. garnered a sizeable crowd for their set. The Swedish death n’ rollers appropriately opened with “Midas In Reverse” from last year’s “Dead Dawn” album. Frontman L-G Petrov emphatically belted out the leads accompanied by a sturdy arsenal of backing vocals from the band. Petrov was clearly stoked on performing as he couldn’t resist sharing his vodka and locking hands with every headbanger in the front rows. Entombed A.D.’s show was strong and tastefully blended the band’s original material as well as OG Entombed-era tunes.


*Photo credit to Karila Shannis at Metal Life Magazine*