Within the past few years especially, San Diego has saturated its calendars with growing numbers of extreme music shows. Larger venues have been keeping up with major headliners, whereas dive bars and hole-in-the-wall stages have created fertile grounds for scummy underground bands. Consequently, both environments were in full-swing last week with Pig Destroyer playing Brick By Brick and grindy filth from the Carolinas shredding Til Two Club. Fortunately for San Diegans, neither show turned out to be a bad decision. But for those interested in Til Two, read below…

      The bill kicked off with locals JasonXVoorhees, or JXV. I’d been looking forward to Orphic Eye but they seemed to disappear from the lineup. Nevertheless, I was glad to only sit through three bands in one night as opposed to the usual six or seven. Stylistically I can kinda see why JXV were selected to perform; however they have much to improve on both sonically and visually. In addition to the incessant mic-cupping, the dual vocalists were completely unnecessary as neither voice provided any contrast from the other. Outside the singers, the band didn’t have much charisma. Furthermore, JXV crammed too many styles into their tunes, ultimately making them harder to digest. Don’t get me wrong, there were some seriously cool hooks and passages scattered within their set. But the random surf & thrash riffs sandwiched between deathcore breakdowns and a lackluster horror aesthetic went over roughly. Perhaps the ensemble could incorporate more horror imagery in their stage gear and hone in to a more unified sound to improve.

      Described on the flyer as “grinding self-hatred from South Carolina,” WVRM dragged San Diego into their world of snot-flinging sludge. Fresh off the release of their volatile EP Can You Hear The Wind Howl, the violent four-piece throttled audience members with frantic fretwork and primal percussion. Specifically, “Death Erection,” “Suffer Ritual” and “Bag of Bones” blasted and stomped with a wall of auditory fury that pulverized. The bass was sludgy, the guitar distortion was dialed in, and drummer Brett Terrapin was a behemoth on the kit. Between songs, vocalist Ian Nix spat loogies onto the ceiling only for them to drip back into his mouth, effectively cementing their vulgar disposition.

      Due to delays from van issues on the way to the venue, Funeral Chic ended up closing out the night. These North Caroliners (did I say that right?) exploded onstage with pounding riffs and speed. Much like WVRM, Funeral Chic spent their time moving and snarling. Wild chords and impressive breakdowns kept their show dynamic and visceral. Ultimately, their shorter set had noiseheads craving more. Hopefully both of these touring bands will return to San Diego soon to deliver their punishing brands of brutality. Big thanks to Inner Void Productions & Til Two Club for hosting the show!

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