EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt says that he has “a massive stockpile of stuff” written for the band’s next album.

The San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal legends haven’t released a full-length LP since 2014’s “Blood In Blood Out”. That effort marked EXODUS‘s first album since the departure of the group’s lead singer of nine years, Rob Dukes, and the return of Steve “Zetro” Souza, who previously fronted EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004.

Asked in a brand new interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station if EXODUS is working on a new studio disc, Gary said (hear audio below): “I’ve been writing [for] it for a long time now — [drummer] Tom [Hunting] and I — and I’ve got a massive stockpile of stuff ready to go. It’s crushing — just savage.”

Holt went on to say that EXODUS has yet to enter the studio to record the new album. “[We’re just] writing songs right now — [making] home demos and stuff like that.”

Last December, Hunting said that he and Holt had “the makings of four great songs” for EXODUS‘s next LP.

“I think [Gary is] itching to get back into the creative process, because SLAYER doesn’t use him to write riffs; they just kind of use him to shred live and play that stuff,” Tom said.

Holt began filling in for SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman at live shows in 2011, and became the band’s full-time co-guitarist as of 2013, while remaining a member of EXODUS.

Holt spoke in a 2017 interview about the musical direction of EXODUS‘s next disc. He said: “Of the stuff I’ve written so far, I think the songs are shorter, but I think they’re also at the same time more progressive than the last album. It’s a little outside the box. It’s really super crushing, but I think people will be surprised.”

He added: “It’s an EXODUS album, but as of now, the stuff Tom and I have been putting together is a bit different. It’s got those subtle changes that make for a departure, but it will still stay true to the core of the band’s sound.”

Source: Blabbermouth