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Read our interview below:

Shawn’s mentioned in a prior SDMETAL interview that he didn’t want to have too long of a gap between albums. Is this something you hope to continue in the future?

Shawn Drover: Absolutely!!! Nowadays with so much music being released, if you don’t have new product every few years its almost like your band is a distant memory in a way. Plus, we love creating new music anyways so we want to stay on top of it and have a new record out every few years.

Chris Broderick: I think so. It’s not that we feel the need to release music in any particular time frame but music moves in and out of the public eye so fast these days that you need to stay relevant.

Travis Smith handled the artwork for both of your records. I’ve personally gravitated towards his artwork and design for Bloodbath, Cynic, and Opeth because he has such a handle of how to sculpt a visual extension of a band’s identity. How would you describe working with him on your releases?

SD: Travis is great!! We has a unique way of taking ideas the band has and creating these beautiful, twisted, crazy pieces of artwork!! On top on that he is a super cool guy who is easy to work with so it makes the entire process very creative and fun.

CB:  I would describe it as an honor!!! Hahaha. His blend of dark imagery and surrealism is unsurpassed in my view. He takes our ideas into consideration and incorporates in a way that exceeds what we want and at the same time is uniquely Travis Smith.

The vinyl of Old Scars, New Wounds has some beautiful colored pressings. Do you have any prized color-vinyl in your stash?

SD: I love vinyl so I make sure myself and the band all get copies of the different vinyl versions that Metal Blade releases. This time we had 3 different limited editions of vinyl, so we each got copies of those.

CB: Unfortunately not, I got into music listening to LPs but then quickly transitioned to tapes and CDs thinking it was the way to go. Since then I’ve never gotten back into vinyl but have a few records that I listen to from time to time.

I think one of Act of Defiance’s strengths is your ability to fit well on concert lineups and tour packages; Armored Saint, Hatebreed, and Hatchet, for example, are totally different styles but all made sense on a bill with AoD. You’re bringing Shattered Sun along for this tour, however going forward, who are some other bands you’d like to take out on the road?

SD: Because our music is do diverse yet still 100% pure Heavy Metal, it enables us to be able to go on tour with different Metal bands. We have enough thrash tunes to be able to tour with Exodus or Overkill, yet we have other tunes that are more traditional Metal where we could tour with Accept or Judas Priest. We don’t like to have musical parameters anyways, but its cool we can tour with so many different kinds of Metal bands.

CB: Well, whether it’s us taking them out on the road or them taking us out on the road I would like to go out with bands like Meshuggah, Exmortus, Revocation, Testament and the list could go on and on! I do feel that within our music that we’ve written we could fit with any of these bands and hopefully not get too many tomatoes thrown out us by their fans haha.

Brick By Brick will be your first stop on your upcoming tour. Other than logistics, does Act Of Defiance have pre-tour rituals?

SD: Not really. We just try to put on the best we can every time.

CB: Not really, just try to make sure that we’re as ready as possible and that we can put on the best show that we know how.

What would you say is the biggest in difference in how you feel onstage now versus your experiences in previous bands?

SD: I really don’t feel any differently than I have in the past at all. I just focus on having a good show and have as much fun as I can. That’s all that really matters to me and its always been that way.

CB: Freedom! I have never felt more at ease to be able to express myself the way I do now in this band, it is the whole reason why Shawn and I formed this band in the first place: to be able to make the kind of music that we love and not have to explain it to anyone.