Greek guitar virtuoso Gus G., well known in rock and metal circles for his work as Ozzy Osbourne‘s guitarist and as leader of his own band FIREWIND, will reveal the results of the Greek jury at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

The grand final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Saturday, May 18 in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the semi-finals held on Tuesday, May 14 and Thursday, May 16. A total of 41 countries will compete, but only the top 26 nations from both shows will go through to the final.

Gus says: “I’m happy to announce that I’ve been chosen as the spokesperson that’ll be giving the final voting results on behalf of Greece at this year’s Eurovision!”

Gus‘s latest solo album, “Fearless”, was released in April 2018 via AFM Records. The follow-up to 2015’s “Brand New Revolution” marks his first release since exiting Osbourne‘s band in 2017.

On “Fearless”, Gus joins forces with vocalist/bassist Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, UNISONIC) and drummer Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE).

Asked how he keeps “shred guitar” interesting for the listener, Gus told Guitar World magazine: “If it’s not done with a musical meaning or in some sort of musical context, it’s pretty boring. That’s why I admire guys like Joe Satriani who are able to basically make the guitar take on the role of a voice. But I hate guys who put out stuff that just sounds like backing tracks for them to solo over. That’s why I always try to write songs. Then having a kickass solo is kind of like the cherry on top, so to speak. But you need to have a good song first.”

Gus also said that he has no issues with being replaced in Ozzy‘s band by a returning Zakk Wylde.

“Well, there’s obviously a long history between those two, so given the fact that Ozzy announced his farewell tour, I think it’s cool,” he said. “And after Randy Rhoads, Zakk is the most iconic guitar player he’s had in his band. So it’s good that Zakk is coming back. It’s totally fine with me — it’s not like I have a fucking choice! [Laughs] But I’m a big fan. And what can I say? I have no complaints because it’s been a hell of a ride for me just playing in Ozzy‘s band for seven years. It was never a gig I took for granted. You just have to enjoy it while it lasts. And I’m happy it lasted as long as it did.”
Source: Blabbermouth