JOURNEY keyboardist Jonathan Cain, a devout born-again Christian whose minister wife Paula White-Cain delivered the invocation at Donald Trump‘s presidential inauguration, spoke to FOX 17‘s “Rock & Review” about the role his faith plays in the songwriting process.

“I believe that God, the Holy Spirit, has been my most prolific writer,” he said (see video below). “I can tell you I’ve written with some songwriters, but he’s been prolific and he constantly is challenging me. Even the song ‘More Like Jesus’, he challenged me with that. ‘What have you got for me?’ And he gave me the title. And I didn’t realize there’s other songs [with the same title]. I didn’t go looking online, and then I found there’s several ‘More Like Jesus’s, but not coming from my angle. And what God was saying to me was, ‘We need more of what Jesus brought in forgiveness and transparency and kindness and tolerance.’ And the one thing I loved was ‘Don’t worry. Be happy.’ That was Jesus’s message. How many times did he say, ‘Be not anxious. Don’t be anxious.’ And we live in an anxious world.”

Cain‘s latest solo album, “More Like Jesus”, came out in May.

The musican embraced faith-based music with 2016’s “What God Wants To Hear” and released a Christmas LP, “Unsung Noel”, the following year.

Jonathan and his wife lead worship at New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida, where she is the senior pastor.

In 1976, Cain released his first solo record, “Windy City Breakdown”. Three years later, he joined the band THE BABYS, and in 1980 became a member of JOURNEY, rounding out the songwriting genius behind the defining album “Escape”.

Two years ago, JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon revealed on social media that he was furious that Cain took members of the group to the White House and posed for photos with Trump. According to Rolling Stone, he was also upset that Cain, in his view, minimized his contributions to key songs like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and that he was using the band’s platform to share his born-again Christian views with the fanbase.

Source: Blabbermouth

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