Former OZZY OSBOURNE and current LAST IN LINE bassist Phil Soussan has slammed the “Medicare For All” proposal, arguing that moving to a single-payer system run by the government would result in people having “to wait weeks to get even basic appointments.”

Unlike the existing Affordable Care Act (ACA), more popularly called Obamacare, which helps millions of Americans obtain health insurance but maintains the central role of private insurers, “Medicare For All”, as described in Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s legislation, would provide comprehensive coverage with no deductibles or copays. It would effectively end the private insurance market — which Sanders has argued leads to “greed” and “profiteering.” Meanwhile, Republicans have focused on making it clear that “Medicare For All” would increase government spending significantly, stressing that universal coverage would eliminate all other forms of insurance, including the current Medicare program.

Earlier today, Soussan — a 58-year-old British native who frequently tweets in support of President Donald Trump‘s policies — weighed in on the debate, writing: “Last time Democrats tries to ‘fix’ healthcare and make it affordable- it became anything but affordable. Now they want Medicare for all, with banned private – so it will be like the UK NHS, where you have to wait weeks to get even basic appointments. No thank you.”

Trump came to office promising “great” health care but hasn’t managed to repeal Obamacare outright. Instead, he unleashed a series of executive changes to undermine the law.

A 2017 effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed in the Senate, but the House did pass the Republicans’ proposed Obamacare replacement, American Health Care Act (AHCA). The Congressional Budget Office later found the AHCA would have resulted in 14 million people losing their insurance in one year and 24 million more by 2026, while the AARP estimated it would raise health care costs for older Americans by thousands of dollars. In the end, the American Health Care Act polled far worse than Obamacare and died in the Senate.

Recent polls have found that the majority of the public endorses the concept of “Medicare For All” but doesn’t understand what such a policy would actually entail.

Source: Blabbermouth

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