Madrost’s (pronounced Muh-Drawst) third effort, The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh, sees the band reaching into far more progressive depths, as evidenced by its collegiate song titles and technical shred. While Into the Aquatic Sector showed the band’s desire to move towards a more technical approach, The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh is a full-fledged vault into new territory. Gone are the uber-thrash styles of Maleficent, instead replaced by the intricate drum ornaments of “Abstraction” and complex time changes present throughout the entire album.

Though the record starts off clunky on “Eyes of the Deceit,” “The Silence in Ruins” immediately compensates with its isolated bass riffing and transient chord progressions. Shortly after, “From Sand to Dust” enhances the Madrost catalog with its Obscura-esque guitarwork and wildly trippy guitar solo.

Excluding the first song, there isn’t a track on Flesh that gets repetitive. It’s clear that Madrost spent a good chunk of time injecting each composition with variety. Given that the quartet is clearly reaching for new heights, it only makes sense that the new album’s production is as hi-def as the songwriting.

The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh, though a mouthful, is a clear statement of Madrost’s mission to grow as musicians and composers—effectively opting out of any rehashed material. Hell, “No Future” even boasts some Ted Nugent vibes between the double-bass drumming. Ultimately, wicked leads and cosmic chords dominate this record.