MANOWAR canceled its appearance at Hellfest just hours before the band was supposed to take the stage.

The band was scheduled perform at the annual festival in Clisson, France tonight (Friday, June 21), but Hellfest organizers announced that MANOWAR called off its appearance.

Hellfest issued the following statement: “Despite a presence on site on June 20, the teams and members of the group decided to leave the site.

“The MANOWAR concert, scheduled Friday, June 21, will not take place for reasons beyond our will.

“We are sincerely sorry for all MANOWAR fans and more widely for all the fans attending Hellfest.”

A number of fans expressed their anger and disappointment to the cancelation, with some saying they had traveled from other countries to see MANOWAR perform.

A fan named Michael Pearson commented on Facebook: “I came from South America to Hellfest this year largely because MANOWAR were headlining. Seeing them at Hellfest 10 years ago was one of the best shows of my life and I’ve been a fan for over 20. I couldn’t have been more excited and now more disappointed that these divas have thrown their toys out of the their pram and screwed over thousands of fans for the last show on their last tour. MANOWAR are not kings of metal riding into battle, they are the real wimps and posers that left the hall.”

Last month, MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio said that the band was “not retiring,” despite the fact that it announced its “final” tour more than three years ago. ” I’m too young to retire,” he told Bulgaria’s Z Rock Radio. I’m like Peter Pan — I’m a boy in a man’s body. I’m, like, 15 years old in my mind.”

Back in May 2016, MANOWAR revealed that it would say “thank you”, “farewell” and “goodbye” to its fans on a world tour that would be “bigger and beyond anything” the group had ever done.

MANOWAR released a new EP, “The Final Battle I”, in March. Parts II and III of the trilogy will arrive at a later date, inspired by MANOWAR‘s adventures on the remainder of “The Final Battle”.


Malgré une présence sur site en ce jeudi 20 juin, les équipes et les membres du groupe…

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