On Wednesday, July 20 San Diego’s Brick By Brick hosted Nails, Terrorizer LA, Freedom, and Nomads supporting the newest Nails record, “You Will Never Be One Of Us.” Refraining from any local support for the evening, Nomads were the first band to take the stage. While the band’s studio music is vicious and cohesive, their live set seemed to be a hodgepodge of awkward stage movement. Nomads didn’t do much to get the crowd going, but the ripping tunes from their latest release “Love It Or Leave It” work better in a recorded setting.

     Detroit ensemble Freedom followed shortly after and wasted no time getting the audience moving. The singer’s onstage antics combined with Freedom’s dynamic songwriting made for a fresh addition to the night. Grindcore vets Terrorizer LA later emerged with a punishing assault of grindcore that sent fans rabid. Though their performance earlier this year at Show Your Scars wasn’t impressive, Terrorizer LA’s recent set at the Brick was a huge improvement. The band played tighter and had more room to dazzle as direct support as opposed to their early slot at Show Your Scars. The quartet never eased up on the heaviness and especially did justice to their best hits off of “World Downfall.”

     Extreme music act Nails have garnered an enormous amount of hype from the unique brand of razor-sharp brutality they’ve crafted over three full-length albums. Their latest effort, “You Will Never Be One Of Us,” is a strong addition to their catalog and worked as great inclusions into their set. Wovenwar guitarist and Brick By Brick co-owner Phil Sgrosso added depth to the mix as Nails’ touring guitarist and made for a fitting addition to the band’s live setting. With all three of Nails’ studio albums running at less than 22 minutes each, I was especially eager to see how that would pan out in the context of a headlining set. Nails’ performance lasted just over half an hour, leaving fans wanting more but still satisfied with what they got. And now with the uncertainty of the band’s status, those in attendance were extra fortunate to witness Nails in an intimate setting.



*Thank you to Alison Haertjens for the photos*

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