While at NAMM, we stumbled upon this booth from Joey Sturgis Tones to show off his new computer based tones for recording guitars and found it fascinating.  I definitely do not have the background in audio production, so we got the man behind the tone to describe it himself, Mr. Joey Sturgis.  Watch his exclusive chat with us on Toneforge Jason Richardson and the many features it contains.

The Toneforge series, developed by Joey Sturgis, is a series of meticulously crafted virtual guitar (and in other models, even bass rigs) combined with mixing tools designed to take you from direct guitar input to a final-mix guitar tone. In this model, Joey created a custom equalizer optimized for tweaking a variety of guitar playing, and a unique dynamic processor designed to control down-tuned guitar low-end with finesse. 


To know more about the products and where you can buy, visit the Joey Sturgis Tones website here.