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NAMM: SDMetal Interviews Nukem

NAMM: SDMetal Interviews Nukem

Nukem has been extremely active in the San Diego metal scene and we got the chance to catch up with them at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA.  We got to talk to them about their plans for 2017, origins of the band, new products that they are interesting in from the NAMM show floor, favorite shows they have been a part of or seen, and goals as a band.




To get a taste of Nukem’s music, check out their video for “Evelyn’s Awakening” below!



Ethan Wick
Ethan is one of the reviewers for SDMetal and is currently studying towards his degree in Mass Media with an emphasis in Journalism. He has a passion for metal and hard rock and is working toward making a career with it.

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