September 16th.  The night where local metal reigned supreme at Brick by Brick. This night showcased some of the great metal coming out of San Diego in order to celebrate the release of Nukem’s latest album, “The Unholy Trinity”.

To kickstart the night, the opener was the band Defixion.  Defixion is a 4 piece death metal band out of San Diego that formed around 2011.   Musically, Defixion was a great fit for the band that played.  Their grooves were tight knit and exhibited the aggression prevalent in the genre.  The one problem with this band, however, is a lack of interaction with audience members.  The vocalist and the band played introspectively which made it feel more like a jam session than a performance.  With a little more audience interactions and more attempts to connect with the crowd, I feel it would have benefitted their performance.  Defixion is still a young band on the right track, but can improve with more time on the stage.

The second band to perform this night was Cave Bastard.  When I heard Cave Bastard was playing this show, I was intrigued to listen and watch.  The name has been floating around in the scene for a bit now, and this was a great chance to see their performance.  The band came out guns blazing and full of energy.  One thing that was captivating about their performance was the charisma and spirit of their frontman.  The sense of joy radiated from the vocalist as he ran around the stage and screamed the lyrics to their songs.  The band had the raw aggression and stage presence that elevated the energy in the room.

After Cave Bastard’s killer performance, Unicorn Death was next to perform.  After seeing them multiple times in the past, I was looking forward to another great performance from one of San Diego’s answer to the symphonic metal genre.  At first, I was concerned with how the performance was going to go since the vocalist’s speaking voice was mostly gone.  I was honestly surprised she was still going to sing, but as soon as she and Diana’s voices kicked in, my worries dissipated.  Both of their vocals harmonized perfectly with one another and the band gave another solid performance at this event.

To end the night, Nukem took the stage.  Steve Brogden and the band commanded the audience’s attention and energy.  Headbanging ensued and the rapid and aggressive riffs from the band were like a musical punch in the face.  Nukem were in top form this night, especially with having the support of guitarist, Laura Christine.  Of course this would not be a proper release show without some special surprises and the band delivered.  Throughout the night, the band invited members from the opening bands to jam on stage with Nukem such as having Cassie Morris of Unicorn Death play keyboards and sing “Kill the King” by Rainbow.  This was a night that proved Nukem is one of San Diego’s best answers to the thrash metal scene.


Special thanks to Nukem and Brick by Brick for letting us cover this event!

Photos by Ethan Wick



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