Poland’s top melodic metal act Exlibris will release their new album “Innertia” on June 29th.
It will be the band’s first album to feature new band members – drummer Grzegorz Olejnik and Finnish singer Riku Turunen.

“It’s been more than 3 years since our last studio album but it’s been the most active 3 years in the band’s career so far. I feel we’ve grown quite a bit as musicians, songwriters and producers and it all shows on the album. Exlibris has never sounded this good before.” – says keyboardist Piotr Sikora.

“Musically, it’s still our own blend of classic metal riffs, melodic hooks, big symphonic arrangements and just a bit of prog – but… you know… this one goes to eleven.”

The album will be available on CD and digital formats with a double vinyl release coming at a later date and can be pre-ordered via bandcamp at https://exlibrisband.bandca mp.com/ and through the band’s own webstore at http://exlibrisband.com

Watch the music video for the song “Incarnate” below:

Label: Independent
Genre: Power/prog metal

1. Innertia
2. Harmony Of The Spheres
3. Gravity
4. Shoot For The Sun
5. Incarnate
6. No Shelter
7. Amorphous
8. Origin Of Decay
9. Multiversal
10. Thunderbird
11. Ascension

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