The swedish band, Desolator, was originally going in a doom/death direction, but changed into an old school death metal band after some full band rehearsals. After many long and hard considerations, the name Desolator was approved.

Black Lion Records are pleased to inform that Swedish Old schoolers Desolator’s debut EP “Spawn of Misanthropy” was re-issued by the label on CD early this month.

CD is available for sale here:

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1. Illusions of Grandeur
2. The Faceless God
3. Sectarian Breed
4. Dark Epitaph

Jonas Bergkvist Bass, Vocals ( Ending Quest, Soliloquium, Wolfcross)
Stefan Nordström Guitars, Vocals ( Ending Quest, Soliloquium)
Joakim Rudemyr Guitars, Vocals ( Within the Fall)
Victor Parri Drums ( Eosphorus, Hadriel, Isole, The Curse, Valkyrja, ex-Dark Forest of North, ex-One Hour Hell, ex-Kraanium (live), ex-Mephorash (live), ex-Skitarg (live), ex-Sterbhaus (live), ex-Within the Fall (live))

Check Out the lyric video for Illusions of Grandeur below: