THE DAMNED THINGS has announced its first live show in seven years. The supergroup comprised of members of EVERY TIME I DIE, ANTHRAX and FALL OUT BOY will perform at the 2019 edition of the Welcome To Rockville festival on May 4 in Jacksonville, Florida.

THE DAMNED THINGS was formed a decade ago, when FALL OUT BOY‘s Andy Hurley and ANTHRAX‘s Scott Ian started writing music together. The band played its first show two years later and released its debut album, “Ironiclast”, in December 2010. After performing a few gigs together, the members took a hiatus and returned to their respective bands.

In addition to Ian and Hurley, “Ironiclast” featured EVERY TIME I DIE frontman Keith Buckley, FALL OUT BOY‘s Joe Trohman, EVERY TIME I DIE‘s Josh Newton, and Rob Caggiano of VOLBEAT (and formerly ANTHRAX).

Caggiano is not believed to be involved in THE DAMNED THINGS‘ comeback, which will likely include the release of new music in early 2019.

Last year, Buckley uploaded a short clip of what appeared to be a new song from THE DAMNED THINGS. The singer also revealed THE DAMNED THINGS had a fresh EP in the works.

“Ironiclast” sold 6,200 copies in the first week of release and reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard‘s Heatseekers chart.

Earlier this year, Ian said that the supergroup may have a follow-up to “Ironiclast” on the way in the near future.

“We always knew with THE DAMNED THINGS, it was always going to be something that we would get to do schedules permitting, because we are all in extremely busy bands,” he explained. “But, look, we’re all friends and we’re all in contact with each other on a regular basis and I can say that there is, possibly, a record, but that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Source: Blabbermouth