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Even after more than forty years as a band, UFO is still performing and delighting fans both old and new.  March 18th was another showcase of their great legacy when they played Ramona Mainstage with special guests Taz Taylor Band, Symbolic, and Points North.  UFO has experienced many lineup changes over the years, but the current touring UFO still has the original singer, Phil Mogg, and drummer, Andy Parker.   UFO has seen a couple recent additions by adding guitar virtuoso Vinnie Moore and bass player Rob De Luca as well as the return of Paul Raymond on the keyboard in 2003.

To start off the show, The Taz Taylor Band took the stage.  The Taz Taylor Band is a three piece instrumental group from San Diego county.  Musically, the band fit in with the other bands on the bill and helped set the tone for the night.  The only real problem I had with Taz Taylor was that they were not engaging to watch.  It felt like watching a jam session rather than being at a performance.  The music was still great to the ears and helped warm up the room for the other acts.

Second up for the night was San Diego locals, Symbolic.  After seeing them once before open for Saxon at Brick by Brick, I was definitely looking forward to seeing them perform again.  Symbolic fell right into their groove and gave a stellar performance.  With a musical style similar to 70s or 80s metal, Symbolic was a great fit to the bill.  For those who have not seen them before, this is a band in the San Diego scene worth checking out.  They will be playing May 6th at Brick By Brick with Resurrection Kings, so make sure to get yourself a ticket.

After Symbolic, another instrumental band took the stage.  Points North is a 3 piece progressive instrumental rock band from the bay area.  Points North never ceases to amaze the crowds they play to with their musical talent and the ability to truly captivate an audience.  Even with them being an instrumental act, they are still extremely entertaining to watch and the band is able to hold the attention of the crowd.  During their set, they performed one of their staple cover songs, “YYZ” by Rush stating that it is one of the few songs an all-instrumental band can cover.  Points North fit in perfectly with this lineup and definitely a band to check out.  (Link to website)

After some great openers, UFO took the stage.  After hearing the rumors of their great live shows, it was a set I was looking forward to witnessing.  Watching them play was like opening a time capsule.  UFO touched on many of the songs UFO fans can expect like “Lights Out”, “Rock Bottom”, and “Love to Love”.  While Phil Mogg’s voice is slowly declining with age, he still gave a fantastic performance that reminded fans of the legacy of the band.

The night was filled with great music that entertained the full house at Ramona Mainstage.  UFO satisfied both fans new and old and showcased their legacy in the form of a great set.


Special thanks to Ramona Mainstage and Symbolic for letting us cover the show.

Photos taken by myself are posted below. Please enjoy!



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