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On February 6th, Soma San Diego hosted Unicorn Death as the headlining artists for a one-off show with special guests Sergulath, Chamber Sixx, Empyrean Throne, and Mursic.  It was a night showcasing some of local southern Californian bands and gave a wide range of metal for the audience in attendance.

Sergulath was the first band to take the stage.  Sergulath is a newer band on the blackened thrash metal scene and is made up of four band members.  Daniel Correa pulls double duty in this band as he is the vocalist and guitarist.  Right off the bat, the band brought the energy to the room and provided a great set to the crowd.  Two things that were interesting about this band was the fact that the bass player was playing the whole set on an acoustic bass and they have a keyboardist in this band as well.  It is not very common to see that and it provided a unique image and sound to this band.

Chamber Sixx was the next band to perform and threw a different genre of music into the mix for the show.  Chamber Sixx is a local San Diego band with an 80s style look and sound.  It felt like watching a band on Sunset Blvd during the glory days of Motley Crue or Guns and Roses (I, obviously was not alive during this time, but that is the vibe).  They were entertaining to watch and entertained the crowd with their musical styling and on stage antics to mess with each other.

Empyrean Throne set up their altar and stage set up after Chamber Sixx.  After seeing them once before at Jumping Turtle (for pictures and a review from that show, click here), I was looking forward to seeing their set once again.  Empyrean Throne is a black metal band from Lake Forest, CA that is known for their theatrics on stage.  Every show, the singer comes out on stage in an apothecary mask and lights candles on a makeshift altar to give the room a eerie atmosphere.  Once again, Empyrean Throne performed a fantastic set winning over many audience members with their unique music and stage layout.

Once Empyrean Throne performed and tore down their set up, Mursic set up to play.  Mursic is a symphonic metal band out of San Diego.  Anthony Montemarano, the vocalist and keyboardist for the band, gave a fantastic performance with his bandmates.  To give an idea into their style of music, imagine if Tim Burton owned a carnival and hired a band to write a dark carnival soundtrack with metal blended in.  That is Mursic.  They are an extremely active band and are worth checking out.

After the rest of the bands performed, Unicorn Death took the stage.  Unicorn Death is a six piece symphonic metal (or “legend metal” as the band puts it) out of San Diego.  This band is full of extremely talented individuals.  With Shawn Cameron of Carnifex manning the drums, the excellent bass playing by Devan Lee, the fast guitar shredding provided by Ryan Leaver and Jeff Alexander, and the beautiful harmonies created by Diana Cameron and Cassie Morris on vocals provide a different, but very enjoyable musical experience.  Unicorn Death is a band on the rise, producing a musical experience unlike many other bands out there.

The event as a whole went smoothly and displayed a showcase of great bands in the area.

Empyrean Throne and Unicorn Death will be doing a tour this May.  Dates TBA, but we will keep you up to date when we hear more.


* Special thanks to Soma and their staff as well as Unicorn Death for giving me access to this event.

To see some photos from the event, check out the gallery of photos I took at the event below.



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